Tape no.2: Lori Vrba


In Tape no2 I chat with Lori Vrba. Vrba is a multimedia/mixed media photographer, curator, retreat host, and fire eater. We talk about her journey in life, personal work, family, her friendship with Keith Carter, some notable exhibitions and her involvement with Pigs Fly Retreats and Click! Photography Festival. Recorded during that very festival, October 2018. All conversations are recorded face-to-face. These are… the Diffusion Tapes.

Show notes:

Lori Vrba


Click! Photography Festival

The Light Factory

Keith Carter

Keith Carter 50 years book


Nasher Museum of Art

Texas Monthly magazine

Jennifer Yoffy

Lori Vrba - Piano Farm

Piano Farm exhibit video from Crusade

Piano Farm walkthrough from Blue  

PDN magazine

The Louise Vitry House - History

A Gallery for Fine Art Photography

Fox Talbot Museum: TRIBE exhibition

Interview with Roger Watson, curator of the Fox Talbot Museum

Pigs Fly Retreats

Anne Berry

Murmurations Exhibition

Heidi Kirkpatrick

Tobia Makeover

Bryce Lankard

Horse and Buggy Press

Center for Photographic Art - Tribe Exhibition

The Diffusion Tapes Theme Song + Music Video