Tape no.2: Lori Vrba

In Tape no2 I chat with Lori Vrba. Vrba is a multimedia/mixed media photographer, curator, retreat host, and fire eater. We talk about her journey in life, personal work, family, her friendship with Keith Carter, some notable exhibitions and her involvement with Pigs Fly Retreats and Click! Photography Festival. Recorded during that very festival, October 2018. All conversations are recorded face-to-face. These are… the Diffusion Tapes.

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Theme Song + 1985 Dance Party Video + Competition

Announcing full-length Diffusion Tapes theme song AND the 1985 music video that you didn’t know you were waiting for your whole life. I secretly sent composer Jeff Louviere back in time to create our dance party video and it’s FANTASTIC. After basking in the glow of this amazing retro creation you can download or stream the 2018 remastered version below. Big thanks to our resident time traveler Jeff for risking time and space to make this happen.

But wait there’s more! Wouldn’t it be rad to be the first one to own a customized 80s retro Diffusion Tapes t-shirt?? Announcing the first Diffusion Tapes Competition!

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Tape no.1: George Slade

For Tape no.1 I sat down with writer, curator, historian, walking photographic encyclopedia, and guinea pig, George Slade. We talked about his history in photography, his passion for the medium and his camaraderie with Minnesota photographers. Recorded during Click! Photography Festival, October 2018. All conversations are recorded face-to-face. These are… the Diffusion Tapes.

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Teaser: The Diffusion Tapes.

Teaser Trailer for Tape no. 1: George Slade

Hi friends, I’m Blue Mitchell, photographer, publisher of Diffusion Annual, and now podcaster. You’re listening to the Diffusion Tapes, a podcast where I chat with artists, curators and writers working in the the field of fine art photography. More specifically, the tapes are conversations with people that I’ve befriended on my journey as an artist and publisher. In these conversations I get to learn a little more about these folks that I admire and respect and I’m inviting you into the conversation. Welcome to The Diffusion Tapes.

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